Diego Rivera Correa

I am a first year CS Ph.D. student at Northeastern University.

At Northeastern, I'm working under the supervision of Dr. Mirek Riedewald and form part of the DATA Lab @ Northeastern . My research interests include Data-Driven Science, Databases, and Supply-Chain Risk Management.

Feel free to email me at: rivera [dot] di [at] northeastern [dot] edu

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Short Bio

I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2023, I completed my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayag├╝ez (UPRM), being awarded the Karl Friedrich Gauss Medal. During my time at UPRM, I worked in a handful of projects and was fortunate enough to work in different internships spanning industries such as Transportation, Insurance, and Finance. These experiences helped me expand my knowledge and led me to further prepare myself in the research world. As of today, I'm enrolled at Northeastern University at Boston, MA as a PhD student.


- [September 2023] I officially began my graduate studies at Northeastern University and joined the DATA Lab.

- [June 2023] Joined Nagnoi as a Software Engineering Intern for the Summer.

- [June 2023] I graduated from UPRM with a BS in Computer Science with high honors!

- [April 2023] I accepted an offer to attend Northeastern University for the Fall.