I've had the privilege of working in various roles across different industries. I've worked roles spanning Data Science, Full Stack Development, and Business Intelligence.

Software Engineer
Summer 2023

- Worked in Front-End Development for Nagnoi's CMS for Healthcare.
Business Intelligence Engineer
Summer 2022

- Used AWS-Redshift, PostgreSQL, and DataGrip to query and analyze a wide variety of large datasets.

- Wrote SQL code to build, maintain, and schedule data pipelines for analytics used in Amazon’s Global Transportation Technology Services (GTTS) team.

- Created a database schema and built a QuickSight dashboard to monitor transportation configuration KPI metrics and alert Product Managers across GTTS.

American International Group
Application Developer
Summer 2021

- Optimized data-gathering code with Ruby to examine >50k server checkpoints and compliance standards.

- Wrote queries using PostgreSQL to connect multiple relations and further analyze how managers are properly using their local business team application.

- Developed a Power BI dashboard to demonstrate outliers and group/label data for future compliance updates in business apps.

Data Scientist
Spring 2021

- Worked on historical transaction data using Jupyter Notebooks for user analytics and visualization.

- Performed multiple statistical tests on gathered data for algorithm improvement and outlier detection.

- Coded Python scripts for data labelling, cleaning, and extraction for predictive tendency models for hundreds of users.

- Used Python libraries: Pandas, Matplotlib, CSV, Numpy, Scipy.Stats, and Seaborn